Meet Mistress DOMinique

Meet Mistress DOMinique - Pro DominatrixMeet Mistress DOMinique, professional Dominatrix. Interested in knowing more about me? I live the FemDom and BDSM lifestyle. This isn’t a casual hobby for me. Sure, during the day I’m a different person at work. Come to think of it, maybe not all that different. 😉  But, once the sun goes down, it’s time to let my dominant persona out to play.

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About Mistress DOMinique (by sub rickie)

Imagine a Mistress who is stern and demanding, as brutal as THAT part of ‘Bridge to Terabithia’, as beautiful as the sunrise on a beach and she’s available for deserving submissives. If you’re interested in female domination and looking for a Dominatrix, DOMinique is the one for you. NO, really, she’s the one. I know you’re thinking “But how do YOU know without ever meeting me if I’ll like her?”

Note to prospective submissives from Mistress DOMinique

“Hi! I’m Mistress DOMinique. A cool name to soothe the welts on your… you know… after our session every Friday night. I’m pain, pleasure and mystery all in one DD package. I am in control 100% of the time. Don’t get it mixed up, my submissive or not, I am in charge. I’m not all bossy though, I understand also that you’re human and have needs. I also understand that a lot of people don’t quite understand those needs as well as I do, so your time spent with me is 100% confidential.

More About Mistress DOMinique (by sub rickie)

Mistress DOMinique is a fetish-friendly dominatrix who loves everything from sports to baking. Not every moment of her life is spent in the “BDSM Dungeon”. For those who don’t know, the BDSM Dungeon is just another name for a safe place people can go for time with their dominatrix. A lot of times it’s a normal office building with normal people working there. Sometimes it’s a place you both agree on but it is not usually a room painted black, oozing the smell of lubricant and with various torture devices nailed to the walls. I mean, sometimes it is. But it’s pretty rare. Listen, They don’t make that good of money, okay?

Here is a little more information about Mistress DOMinique and what she’s really like outside of her FemDom persona. She is actually very lovable. She has a pet cat that she speaks to as if it is human. The cat is her constant companion and a best friend. Mistress DOMinique is a pretty ordinary woman. She isn’t super dominant in her daily life, like at work or with family. She has a real job outside of being a Dominatrix. She volunteers with various local organizations working with the houseless and feeding those in need. I don’t think anyone would ever just assume she’s a demanding Dominatrix. While in a submissive role in the dungeon, I love seeing the shock on a new client’s face when they first see just how dominant Mistress DOMinique can be.